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Corbridge type A

In this tutorial I describe how to build a lorica segmentata cuirass, the model called Corbridge type A, from the

Lorica Segmentata: Corbridge shape

The first model of segmental cuirass that I introduce is the Corbridge, a village in Northumberland England, wher

Lorica segmentata: introduction

Before the pubblication of some guides to build this type of lorica, I want to introduce the story on its reconst

Apron and handy hints for balteus

In this second article about Roman military belt, called balteus, I will discuss on apron, a sort of garment that

The balteus: introduction

The balteus or cingulum was the military belt, a required item of equipment and iin various kinds and forms.

Lorica Hamata with riveted rings

After I have introduced and explained the realization and the procedures to assemble the Lorica Hamata; now I am

Lorica segmentata: preface

Soon I am going to publish some articles about Lorica segmentata, a Renaissance term because at this moment the Roman

The manufacture of chain-mail

Pieces from five different mail-shirts have been examined, all dating to the Late pre-Roman Iron Age and the Roma

First draft of a performance

In August 2003 I have written a draft of the show, that has been represented by GAV milites group to the Ludi Sav

Presence to a congress

In summer 2002 I have participated as a speaker in the 4th International Congress of Experimental Archaeology: "L

Tunic color debate

It follows a series of pictorials, materials, literaries and practices evidences on two different theories about

Japanese trip

In 2002 I had the luck and the honour to represent the GAV (Villadose Archaeological Group) in the stand of the R

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