Tunic color debate

It follows a series of pictorials, materials, literaries and practices evidences on two different theories about the color of tunic: the first one believes that both the soldiers wore under the armor tunics dyed red, the second instead it sustains that the legionaries had white tunics (undyed), while officers and centuriones red (Available in the Italian Section). This page instead contains the changes and the innovations (towards the original) that will be introduced from time to time. The original and full version has been written by Matthew R. Amt and is available here.

The article remains very similar to the original one, in addition there are some images and some line of text on the conclusion.


Legio Fabrica fecit

Legio Fabrica fecit

 Material Evidence^

Legio Fabrica fecit

 Literary Evidence^

Legio Fabrica fecit

 "Practical" Arguments^

Legio Fabrica fecit


The debate has still opened, a profit suggestion is to use the most common colors, found in the evidences that have reached us. In a few words or raw tunics (undyed) or red tunics.



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