Tents in Roman Camp

Tents in Roman Camp

Some news about the three types of tents used in the Roman camp and their short description, the original and full version was available at the follow link (now it is broken!): Camps

Tents: details

Details about Roman tents

After a brief survey on the types of tents and them sizing, follows an article that describes in detail the materials and the seams for their tailoring. The original and full versions are available at the following links: Early Period Tents, LEATHER and LEATHERWORKING TIPS.

The vallis

Il vallis used in many ways in the Roman camps

Or the pole for the palisade, has a simple double pyramid squared form with a central "handle" and it can be employed in many ways according to the camp necessities. The original and full version was written by Matthew R. Amt and is available here.

How to use the Roman groma

How to use the Roman groma

In the building of a Castra, after having flattened the ground and before starting the ditch and wall construction, an agrimensor (land surveyor) drew the locations of the streets and of the wall, beginning from the center of the field, using the groma. It follows the description of this topographical tool and its use. The original and full version was writed by Edilio Boccalieri, and it is available here.

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