De Legione Romana
(About The Roman Legion or more simply The Roman Legion)

My name is Nicola Rainiero and this virtual space is an evolution of the Legio I Italica site, originally born to represent and tell the cultural growth of the homonymous group of Villadose, which I have been legionary and webmaster for some time as Titus Cornelius.
In 2004 I left the association, letting active the Web space and the possibility of keeping it up-to-date ...

People easily forget a neglected site, especially in the world of internet, besides I did not like the idea of having to cancel the documentation and the competence I have acquired and many times never published.

So in 2005 I decided to make to revive the web site with a name more corresponding to the new purposes, keeping the theme of the Roman experimentation, above all military, with particular regard to I Italica, for this I have kept the appearance original.

After some years of inactivity, in summer 2012 I have had the opportunity to update it and to add it a new CMS: Drupal. Using this content management system I wish to complete the pubblication of my reports without any limitation and to avoid the switch off of the comments and forum due spam.


  • The site wants to be a container of experiences of close examinations and of reconstructions.
  • The site is opened to all those people who believe in the free circulation of the ideas and wish to make available its researches and documentations.
  • The site doesn't have the ambition to tell absolute truths, or to distribute certainties, but to stimulate the curiosity widening the discussion and the debate on a fascinating and incommensurable world.
  • The site wants to promote the development of a very important theme of the Roman army: Castra, often skipped and neglected by the groups of experimental archaeology for evident practices and logistics reasons.
In order to get these purposes and to try to protect the works of whom will want to actively participate in its growth, I have chosen to adopt one of the licenses promoted from Creative Commons that allows in the specific case to copy, distribute, display, and perform the work, to the only condition to recognize the contribution of the native author.
Villadose, July 31 2005  e August 6 2012
 Nicola Rainiero alias Titus Cornelius


Do you want to contribute to the growth of this site? You can do it in a lot of ways: underlining possible errors, participating to the forum, commenting the articles, but above all sharing your experiences, investigations and reconstructions.

These are some welcome forms:

  • Advertising De Legione Romana to friends or similar sites.
  • Exchanging link or banner with your site.
  • Underlining errors, malfunctions and thousand of other mistakes that I could have committed (orthographic and translation errors, for example!!).
  • Commenting the treated matters.
  • Criticizing the site (in a constructive way), its contents and the adopted choices, because only so it can improve and grow.
  • Visiting and consulting the forum, for example if you have questions or particular doubts, the suggestion is to use it, it could help you or vice versa.


But the way of cooperation more appreciated is the sharing of own knowledge and experience, becoming an author of the site and actively participating in its development.

You can use the site to do it, thanks to Drupal, that simplifies enormously this procedure, allowing besides the management of the inserted articles (change and cancellation) and making the sharing more active and stimulating (control on the comments for example).

In few words getting the recording to this service (inside the site), you can insert the articles, being connected in front of your computer, and the navigators can comment your news, everything completing some simple menù, because computer knowledges are not necessary like as particular abilities with the html language.

If you are interested to become a collaborator of the site, you have to register here.