Lorica segmentata: introduction

Before the pubblication of some guides to build this type of lorica, I want to introduce the story on its reconstruction, the origin of its name, the various types, highlighting aspects and problematics that have accompanied the laminate cuirass until nowadays, with a look at the future (available in Italian version). This page instead contains the changes and the innovations (towards the original) that will be introduced from time to time. The original version is written by M.C. Bishop, and is available in his Handbook.


 The future^

The interdisciplinary cooperation between archeological scholarship, reenactment and experimental archaeology can help the reconstruction and knowledge of the other main types of Lorica Segmentata (the Kalkriese, the Newstead and the Alba Iulia). Finally I highlight the last attempt of a segmental armour completely in organic material, made by Ars Dimicandi. This group is experimenting this type of cuirass with good practical and philologicals arguments. But many scholars refuse their works for the lack of finds.



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