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How to build a lorica hamata

In this second article is described the construction step by step of this cuirass, I have obtained information fr

Lorica Hamata, introduction

Today it begins the treatment on the cuirasses used by the Roman legionaries, I will start from the Lorica Hamata

How to use the Roman groma

In the building of a Castra, after having flattened the ground and before starting the ditch and wall constructio

Utensils in use for legionaries

Some news about the utensils in use for legionaries, particularly dolabra and ligo, respectively pick and shovel.


These are the classical footwears of the Roman army, so solid that they were resistant to the incessant and gruel

Fibula et focale

Finally after the guides that describe the principal garments of the legionary I have inserted this brief article

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This virtual space is a porting of De Legione Romana site to Drupal, a powerful and stable content management sys

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